molten metal splash protection fabric

Les fonderies sont des environnements dangereux où l’on travaille le métal à des hautes températures et où les ouvriers doivent porter une protection efficace.

Foundries are dangerous places where metal is handled at high temperatures. Therefore, workers must wear effective protection capable of resisting the impact of molten metal splashes at high temperatures. In addition, when trying to protect workers, the viscosity of each metal during the manufacturing process must be considered. In the case of aluminium, the high level of viscosity reached at 700 °C may be extremely dangerous due to the ease with which it sticks to fabric, causing serious burns.

By using a range of specific technical fabrics for different types of foundries (aluminium, steel or iron, zinc, glass, cement works, etc.), Marina Textil offers protection from large masses of molten metal, high temperature foci, electrical discharges and radiant heat. In addition, these fabrics may be made in high-visibility colours for monochrome areas.

Marina Textil molten metal splash protection fabrics

Tissus de protection contre les AUTRES RISQUES

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