Textile Solutions for Aluminium molten splashes

By 2 July, 2013 September 25th, 2018 aluminium foundry, foundry

One of the most important features & properties that must have a protective fabric in the foundry industry, is the repellency capacity of the molten metal.

Here we see in the following table a comparison made with different fabrics on the today market , pouring of aluminum molten metal at 780 ° C ± 20 ° C.

According to the results different conclusions were observed as follows:

• Neither Fabrics containing aramid fibers and blends are not good for the repellency of molten metal splashes, as the molten metal splash sticks in the fabric surface
• Nor Fabrics containing cotton fibers and blends are not good for the repellency of molten metal splashes; these fabrics have the same problem than aramide blended fabrics
• Marlan Plus fabrics have the best protection ratio (Division between Weight Aluminum tolerated and the Fabric weight)

The range of fabrics Marlan, Marlan V and now with the new development Marlan Plus offer a variety of optimal solutions for each case where you need a good Protection and correct Safety’s Formula P.C.P.D.A (protection, comfort, price, durability and additional items / extras).

Do not hesitate to ask for more information or plan with us a field test in your manufacturing plant.