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First Generation of Recycled fabrics

By 4 December, 2020June 30th, 2023Events, News


The reuse of the waste generated in the fabric manufacturing process has been Marina Textil’s first step to put its input to care for the Ecosystem.

To dispose and to put to a good use of the quantities of discarded material from the weaving machines as well as the clothing remains, has been our first priority to achieve a new RMarko AT400 certified fabric in Class2 welding EN11611 and also the rest of the basic standards for this sector EN11612 and EN1149.

This first big step taken goes beyond a marking matter, involves our company in investments that will influence on more sustainable lighting systems, recycling all products produced, eliminate the paper, generate our own energy, etc.


A concept change in the textile industry to contribute to an improvement of our environment for future generations. 



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