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Flame resistant treated fabric. Good enough?

Treated fire resistant fabric

Flame resistant treated fabric

There is a big difference between Natural and Artificial (Flame resistant treated fabric) concepts and also in Permanent or Non permanent protection.

We will have to resort and analyze these two concepts when it comes to choosing a fabric for our protective clothing (PPE, DPI, PPE, PSA, EPI, and so on). Once the election is done, we will find the price factor.

In choosing a protective fabric made from 100% natural fibers, you tend to understand that we will have all the comfort offered by these fibers but this is not really so, the chemical Flame retardant processes by immersion baths or tissue surface, assume that these different liquid components adhere to or penetrate into the textile fibers so that the natural tissue is reduced due to the significant change of touch and stiff.

The stiffness of these tissues under chemical finishing treatment, is not the same as it would have avoid this chemical treatment, when we have it in our hands and feel his touch in hands, we realize the hard process. When we think in 100% natural fibers fabrics, have in mind that comfort is going to be absolute.

These fabrics offer good protection against various risks in the industry but do not get a full comfort and durability considerably.

The appeal of its low cost is the reason that many companies are declined by choosing the same although continued use requires early replacement.

Flame resistant treated fabric: Call it a perfect spot for work low risks and short period punctual works but not if a long duration of the protective cloth and good level guarantee of safety is required.


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