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Changes on high visibility standard

By 15 October, 2013October 18th, 2019Arc Flash, ISO Standards, News
high visibility standard for garments

The current high visibility standard EN 471:2003 + A1: 2007 (High visibility warning clothing for professional use – Test methods and requirements) is going to be modified by means of the variation of design and materials requirements. These changes and the whole methods and requirements are detailed within EN ISO 20471.

From the final draft of this new standard, it is detailed as one of the main differences between both standards, regarding background material characterization, the chromaticity coordinates and the luminance factor after a higher number of ageing.

Besides these coordinates on original fabric and on after its exposure to ultraviolet radiation on Xenon, the evaluation of coordinates and luminance factor should be measure after at least 5 washing cycles.

PARAMETER EN 471 pr EN ISO 20471

Complying with chromaticity coordinates
and the luminance factor

On original
After Xenon

On original
After Xenon
After 5 washing cycles
Fastness to perspiration

Staining: 3

Staining: 4

Tensile strength (N) 400 100
Bursting strength (kPa) 800 100

Besides these changes on background materials, other parameters modified are: tensile strength and tear resistance (in case of coated fabrics and laminates) will be evaluated only on the outer layer and the requirements will be 100N and 20N respectively.

There is a new requirement, in the high visibility standard, the water vapour permeability index (not present on EN 471). If the water vapour resistance is higher than 5m2Pa/W, thermal resistance has to be evaluated and water vapour permeability index shall be at least 0,15.

high visibility standard for garments


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