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The metal cutting processes

Protective fabric cutting and welding Marina Textil

metal cutting processes

The metal cutting processes we should know that is inside the welding; Allied techniques as indicated by the EN ISO 11611 and to know which existing hazards or risks we could find in the praxis.

Are erroneously called “radial” which is associated with these techniques.

The metal cutting processes are made using a circular grinding wheel which it is driven by an electric motor that rotates at a speed of 15.000 rpm causing high friction thus producing the metal, cutting it.

Also with the use of thicker disc grinders, we can perform jobs of edges trimming, cuts from metal sharps and metal deburring.

All these operations (‘Allied welding techniques’) with this type of power tools called radial grinders , rotaflex, etc., produce a high displacement of molten metal (sparks) and high speed spatters that produce in the fabric, a very different effect than the one is realized in that the standard welding processes (MIG-MAG-TIG, etc)

Thousands of micro spatters of high speed impact in the fabrics, they stick in the surface causing an accumulation of metal of high temperature and in short time, they produce a hole.

Marko® Welding provides optimal barrier that prevents metal particles are adhering in the fabric , and both protection for the metal droplets resulting of standard welding. It is achieved that these sparks bounce off the tissue.

Such fabrics specially designed for bonding, deburring, trimming edges or cutting, line named SW (Super Welding) have been tested in our laboratories and subjected to various field tests which have obtained excellent results.


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