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Risks in welding

By 12 May, 2014October 11th, 2019Weld
Welding Risks Marina Textil

Risks welding Marina Textil

When we talk about risks in welding works we could say that in most workshops there is no adequate knowledge and training regarding care of the environment, the maintenance of equipment and personal prevention about the risks.

Sometimes it has neither the patience required for this operation to be performed properly.

Continuous training of welders should be crucial for companies and for the operator itself, not just to a specialization on a type of welding but to train them about the risks that may cause each of them and how to prevent.

Generally speaking we could say that a welder is exposed to:

  • Sometimes ergonomic problems due to the position to perform the operation.
  • Confined spaces that sometimes do not allow good positioning operating and ergonomic.
  • An environment full of wires, gas bottles and cabinets that can cause falls.
  • Exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can damage the eyes and skin.
  • Inhalation of smoke affecting the breathability.
  • Exposure to different metals that can also affect the health of the operator.

One of the main risks in welding works that welders face from inhaling the gases produced by chromium and nickel as it may be carcinogenic. The respiratory protection suitable for each type of welding is essential.

Regarding this issue, OSHA is making very strict controls regarding spaces, smoke extraction controls and safety equipment in the nearby of these processes.

Begins on the requirement itself operators take care of all these details in order to prevent and avoid accidents. We all know that occur but the routine and our believe that we control the situation, make that we forget its importance.


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