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Marina Textil will present its last news in technical fabrics at A+A 2015

A+A 2015

Protective fabrics in A+A 2015

Reference fair of EPIS and protective fabrics in Europe. Worldwide presence of the main brands and manufacturers of protective clothing, fire retardant protective fabrics, and EPIS. Congress and Technical Talks on Occupational Health and Safety. Parade of Protective Clothing.

The need to find the contact persons of our commercial team with international presence in more than 48 countries. The need for guidance in technical protection fabrics for fire retardant protective clothing according to risk and complying with the main European International Standards EN ISO and American (ASTM).

Marina Textil will offer different types of meetings with its clients and end users to introduce them and publicize the latest developments in their openwork, knit and laminate fabrics.

Marina Textil after several years of participation in the main fair of the sector in terms of protection, safety and industrial hygiene, in this new edition A+A 2015 renews its participation in Düsseldorf.

As for us and new features, the main ones will be presented:

Clients in more than 48 countries, and End Users from all industrial sectors (Foundry, Welders, Car Construction, Nuclear and Renewable Energies, Chemical Companies, Electric and Gas Sector, Transportation, Navy, Police Sector, etc.) will come to see us.

A+A 2015 Marina Textil


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