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Marina Textil Videos

By 12 April, 2013October 14th, 2019ISO Standards, News, Technical fabrics
Marina Textil Videos

Marina Textil Videos

With the Marina Textil videos bet for developing new technologies in our industry.

This new section will show you diverse typology of videos: field test laboratory according to ISO 9185 with cast aluminum, welding test comparison radial cutting machine, field test steel meltshop furnace, aluminum field test with Marlan in primary aluminium smelter and, abrasion test in laboratory, Ralph Thermoman test, laboratory field test with molten zinc according to ISO 9185 standard at low temperature.

You will be able also to view our recent developments in protective textiles: Marlan Plus, Marko Welding, Zinkmar and so on.

If you prefer Youtube channel, we appreciate interact leaving your comments and opinions. So we invite you to participate with us by subscribing to our YouTube channel and you will be informed of all the videos we create regularly.

Marina Textil Videos – FABRICS TESTS


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