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How to choose better protective clothing for workers

Marina Textil, manufacturer specializing in technical fabrics, has launched some informative ebooks on the fabrics with which the garments of the employees of different professional sectors are made.

The answers to all your questions will be found in our ebooks, in addition to other data related to safety and protection, the regulations that the fabric must meet and the comfort and durability of garments made with these fabrics.


How to better choose protective clothing for electrical companies

Published: January 2017
Pages: 33
Language: English

The main consequences of the electric arc are: flames, heat, splashes of molten metal, UV light and require the work staff to wear a very technical Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to reduce the risk of injuries…


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    How to better choose protective clothing for aluminum foundries

    Published: December 2016
    Pages: 28
    Language: English

    • Do you know the ISO 9185 Standard?
    • What do we mean when we talk about large splashes of molten metal?
    • How to recognize if a fabric is under the risk of splashing molten aluminum?

    It is the metal foundry sector, one of the most real and daily risk within the industry. In other industrial sectors where the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE.) is also indicated, according to this function, it is to protect only in case of accident…


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      Ebooks on protective fabrics for aluminum foundries

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