fiberglass fabric

Fiberglass fabrics are manufractured with continuous filaments to increase their tensile strength and surface smoothness.

Marina Textil’s fiberglass fabrics are of mineral origin, mainly composed of silica (SiO2), in order to offer good thermal qualities. These fabrics belong to the E-GLASS category and are used to make all kinds of fire-retardant elements, such as insulators, that withstand high temperatures and maintain their mechanical resistance, while maintaining their flexibility and lightness.

These fabrics are manufactured with continuous filaments, to increase their tensile strength and surface smoothness, or they can be textured to increase their thermal insulation capabilities. Under normal conditions, they offer continuous thermal resistance up to 550ºC. They are widely used as a core in textile constructions for high temperatures due to their good mechanical qualities.

FT Marglass 430

FT Marglass 430

Flame retardant Fiberglasss

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Fiberglass fabric

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