Honesty, the foundation of our work.


At Marina Textil, we believe that we have the responsibility to help our society by collaborating for the betterment of workplace and individual conditions. This focus is expressed in the principal missions of Marina Textil:

  • Professional, financial and personal growth for all members of Marina Textil, with the duty to provide service to society and the commitment to improving.
  • Contribute part of our profits to helping disadvantaged persons.
  • Guarantee company continuity.

We believe that the abilities and attributes of our employees are our greatest asset. This is the reason why we support ongoing training and provide our team with the tools to complete their work with precision. Our is a healthy environment with the appropriate safety measures.

The Marina Textil facilities are in line with respect towards people and the environment. In our production areas, we work in accordance with ethical business principles and serve our clients as honestly as possible.

Marina Textil team

Social Compliance Policy

  • Marina Textil follows all of the laws and regulations of the European Union.
  • Our work environment is audited to improve Workplace Risk Prevention and training courses are given on the topic.
  • We protect the environment using cleaner and safer work practices, providing the most suitable personal protective equipment (PPEs) in each case.
  • We do not hire children at our work locations.
  • We support sustainable environmental business practices.
  • Marina Textil does not enact any type of discriminatory practice with regards to hiring, payment, promotion or labour contract termination based on race, caste, ethnicity, social origin, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap, religion, nationality, age, sex and/or union or political affiliation.
  • The EU recognises the importance of open communication and a direct relationship between employees and management, and our providers must respect worker’s rights to freely associate and openly communicate with administration with respect to workplace conditions without fear of harassment, intimidation or interference.


Marina Textil wants to supply quality products and services that meet or improve the requirements demanded by our customers and are respectful of the environment. To do this, it uses work methods that ensure and confirm customer satisfaction and environmental protection.
Marina Textile is dedicating itself to continuous improvement in all its products and services, through the active participation of all its members, without exception. Each member of the organization is committed to developing and strengthening collaborative relationships with our customers and external suppliers.
We strive to provide innovative products and services, enhancing our customers’ continued growth and long-term profit, understanding and exceeding their requirements, and anticipating their expectations for the future.

To this end, it deploys and assumes the following actions and commitments:

  • Design, document and implement a Quality Management and Environmental Management System, in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 respectively.
  • Boost the participation of all the people involved through communication and training mechanisms.
  • Internal staff promotion.
  • Guarantee the adequacy and compliance with all legal and market requirements and other requirements.
  • Participate in the development of the most advanced design technologies in the sector.
  • Commercialize the products manufactured with these technologies.
  • Measure and control the evolution of the System’s indicators to guarantee compliance with the established objectives.
  • Document and disseminate this Policy.
  • Periodically review the System to guarantee its adaptation to possible changes and its continuous improvement to respond to the needs of customers, the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution.
  • Use computers and new technologies to improve procedures and avoid possible errors.
  • Promote a sustainable mentality, to promote the sustainable use of resources and the prevention of waste generation, integrating the concept of Circular Economy in the company.