In the world of personal protective fabrics, industrial laundries are playing a larger and larger part due to their level of specialisation and the relief that outsourcing this type of services offers to companies.

Working with industrial laundries almost always means lengthening the useful life of the garment, as this laundries follow the proper parameters given by the fabric manufacturers.

Marina Textil works together with some industrial laundries to hear and answer their questions. The result is a wash instruction guide for each of the technical fabrics, evaluating the following items:

  • Evaluation of the environment, atmosphere, location and workspace where the garment is used.
  • Technical parameters of the fabrics: composition, construction, weight in grams and dyeing processes that have been used to treat each fabric.
  • Acceptance of a wide range of universal detergents, fabric softeners, surfactants and chemical products.

The protective properties of Marina Textil technical fabrics are inherent, which means that levels of protection remain unaltered throughout the useful life of the fabrics, independently of the number of washes.

Marina Textil, on a number of occasions, has also participated in the fabric selection and assessment process, collaborating with laundries:

  • Fabric selection assessment service in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards.
  • Post-sale service to resolve any potential unforeseen issues or implement improvements to the fabrics.
  • We also develop all of our fabrics based on anti-pilling and wash resistance parameters in order to prolong the useful life of the garments as much as possible.
  • Fabric constructions to maintain low shrinkage levels.

For more information about fabrics suitable for industrial laundry, please contact with us.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical department experts.