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By 22 September, 2021June 30th, 2023Foundry, ISO Standards, Protective garments

Why is choosing the equipment so complicated in this sector?

We can visit many foundries of different types and come to the conclusion that there may be a type of equipment suitable for each type of material, iron, steel, aluminium, zinc, etc. The reality is that this would be the simplest part, defining a solution for each type of metal. Once in the industry, this is no longer the point.

Different alloys, more and less modern foundries, many factors to take into account and that must be discussed with the safety managers to take the most appropriate decision for the protection of people who come into contact with these kinds of risks.

Metal splashes are diverse depending of the type of material, quantity and will also have more less consequences depending on the type of protection used and how is it manufactured. Although, it may seem a lie, but clothing is an important part in the protection of the worker and that’s why it is very important to choose clothing that is certified according to EN 11612 and that also desired protection values for molten metal splashes, E1-E2-E3 in case of iron or D1-D2-D3 in case of aluminium.

How do we determine this value?

This is where the decision of the Safety Manager took part:

-What type of installation do I have?

-What kind of alloys do I process?

-What are the risks of splashing on my company’s machines?

From Marina Textil we try to share all our experiences to the Safety Manager, but there is no one better than HIM or HER to choose the most appropriate solution. As we have commented in other posts, our job is to advice for the best choice. Our duty is to present a couple of solutions to be tested by means of a Field test and proceed with a wearing test afterwards. This guarantees us, without haste, to make a correct decision and with guarantees of good operation in the plant.

Our brand of Marko and Marlan or Marlan Plus fabrics allows us to have a wide range of protection for the different processes and materials, making our clients for years making PPEs for very important international steel companies.

Our guarantee? The years working together with the different Safety departments of different companies that allow us to improve our fabrics thereby contribute our ‘know how’ to the service of protection.


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