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By 20 March, 2023June 30th, 2023Quality control


A proper quality control starts with the raw material. A good inspection of it, can prevent later problems such as, the dyeing affinity of the fabric in its final phase.

Bearing this premise in mind, carrying out a quality control on the spinning process and on the fabric once it leaves the weaving phase, allows a high percentage of satisfaction in the final product.

But the most critical phase still remains, these fabrics have to go through the textile finishing stage where they will be washed, dyed and where the appropriate steps will be taken to achieve the final product, quality and feel defined by the technical office for each reference.

Four quality controls that will end with the delivery to the customer, where our laboratory will also carry out fire tests, electrostatic charge dissipation, shrinkage, colorimetry, color fastness, tear strength and tensile strength, among others.

Our aim; offer a quality product to minimize the problems of our customers and end users, with traceability right down to the batches of raw materials used.


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