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Why is it important to visit the Prevention responsible, HSE or Safety Managers?

Not all companies can have an HSE Department with people taking care and paying attention to the regulation changes, protocols for contingencies, specialists in PPE, etc.

Technical Advice

Technical Advice

The reality of most of the people related to the world of HSE, in medium size companies, is that they are also responsible of other matters or tasks in their positions.

These people require an adequate advice. More than a salesman, they need people who understand their responsibility, and specifically they need to have a technical person in which they can trust.

Being able to provide the appropriate solutions in protection, cost and comfort, it is part of the sales goal of our flame-resistant and electric arc protection fabrics, among others.

The people in charge of these departments every time understand more the benefits about showing them our fabrics, and that the exchange of technical information becomes an improvement and progress for both sides.

For Marina Textil the most important is to become that technical person in which you can trust, find out the needs of each end user and work together to find a solution.


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