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What is an inherent flame retardant (ifr) fabric?

Inherent flame retardant fabric is a type of fabric that protects well a worker using protective clothing in areas with risk of heat and flames

( like a welder/welding droplets, electrician / electric arc, petrochemical worker/arc flash, foundry workers/ molten metal splash).

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What is an inherent flame retardant Marina Textil

What is an inherent flame retardant Marina Textil

The fabric of these features need to meet the following technical parameters :

1)Protection never wash out or diminish: nor with abrasion by the garment’s wear use., neither with the domestic or industrial laundry washing cycles with different detergents and FC chemical re- impregnations; both are the main problems of the treated cotton FR fabrics.

The real experiences demonstrate that after washes they trend to be unprotective against the major part of hazards.

2) Flame retardancy. The property of flame retardancy is described like  :

“ flame resistance is a fabric’s feature that makes it not burn, nor spreading flame and automatically extinguishes fire when the ignition source is withdrawn”.


Mechanism of FR Marina Textil

Mechanism of FR Marina Textil :

Marina Textil uses for all its projects one type of fabric: a permanent or inherent flame retardant fabric ( avoids the flame spreading around , and the self-extinguishing of the flame due to the use of a specific blend of fibers used, like Modacryl and Cotton, High tenacity Poliammide,  Viscose FR, and P-aramid blends).

Some of the norms most extended and test methods of testing the fabrics flame retardancy are  ISO15025 accordingly EN ISO 11612 and ASTM D6413 accordingly NFAP2112 / NFPA70E standards.

The Marina fabric’s range can be seen on our web- site:


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