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Technical Fabrics for hifh temperature Marina Textil

Did you know that Marina Textil also produces fabrics for high temperature industrial applications?

As the title of the post indicates, Marina Textil not only produces fire retardant fabrics for PPE, it also produces fire retardant fabrics for high temperature applications, but… what are we referring to?

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Technical Fabrics for hifh temperature Marina Textil

Technical Fabrics for high temperature Marina Textil

These are fabrics specially developed to protect an area, object or person (not like PPE) against extreme temperatures, fire, flames and even incandescent objects (such as the projections that occur during heavy welding).

Generally speaking, these fabrics can be classified into two types, depending on their end use:

  • Fire Barrier: we refer to a multilayer and/or reinforced fabric that mechanically resists in a risk situation against contact with fire and flames, contact with a very hot static element and the impact of incandescent objects.


  • Heat Shield: We refer to aluminized and / or multilayer fabric that act as an insulating material, with the aim of never exceeding 50ºC on the inner face of the fabric. These fabrics are mainly used when there is a lot of radiant heat and contact heat.

Therefore, these types of fabrics are ideal for protecting machinery, areas, objects, tools and people in sectors such as welding or foundry, acting as blankets, screens, fire doors or covers for tubes and pipes. In the last case, they are very useful both to protect the outside environment and to maintain energetic efficiency by having less temperature loss during the transport of different materials (fluids, gases, molten metals, …) through them.

Do you want to know more? In the following link you will find all the information related to our main fabrics for this sector:


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