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Aramid collection

Even if Marina Textil is well-known for being a technical textiles producer for multinorm PPE based on modacrylic/cotton as well as wool/FR viscose blends in different sectors of the industry, did you know that we also produce aramid blends?

Aramid collection

Aramid collection

The production of inherent flame-resistant aramid fabrics is also one of our core business, and we have different versions that allow us to fulfil all the range of needs for the End User:

Dope dyed: One of the most important points to have in mind when we speak about an aramid fabric that will be used to make PPE, it’s the durability. The Aramar M collection, which the weights range from 150 to 220 gsm, are dope dyed (dyed before the fibre is produced). This means that the dyestuff is perfectly fixed in the fibre, offering incredibly high colour fastnesses.

Elastics: As it’s well known, the trend in the fashion all over the world is to use the elastic properties of the fabric to make more well-looking as well as more comfortable garments. In the Aramid fabrics is also possible, allowing the garment manufacturer to produce a protective, comfortable and fashion-looking PPE garment with our range of inherent flame-resistant elastic aramids. Also, those fabrics are dope dyed too, which means really high colour fastnesses.

Blends with FR viscose: The aramid fibre allows to be mixed with other inherent flame-resistant fibres, that give other properties to the fabric. In this case, our Aramar V family of fabrics offer better comfort thanks to the addition of the FR Viscose (Lenzing) as well as the elastic component. Such blend also allows the fabric to be a great solution for firefighters, fulfilling the Technical Rescue regulation (EN 16689) as well as the new regulation for Wildlands (EN 15384).


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