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Which are the hazards of an arc flash?

By 11 February, 2021October 15th, 2021Arc Flash, Events, News, Technical fabrics

Which are the hazards of an arc flash?

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Physical injury

Without the labelling, training and arc flash protective clothing and equipment’s (PPC and PPE), an occurrence of an electric arc can cause severe burn injuries, contusions, losses of hearing, broken bones and even death. An occurrence of electric arc can reach a temperature of thousands of degrees, and a severe arc heat skin exposure can cause third degree burns.

To help keep your workplace safe, train your employees about safe work practices and use labels and awareness to keep the message on the minds of their workers and reinforce the desired behaviour in their facilities and working places.

Marina Textil is able to support the Safety Teams in the training about the standards ( astm d6413, nfpa 2112, nfpa 70e , en 11612 , astm f1959) , Technical Fabrics workshops.


Financial impacts

An electric arc occurrence can also have an impact financial and productivity. Total accident costs per electric arc can vary between thousand and million dollars; This kind of costs includes medical expenses, downtime, replacement of equipment, lawsuits and insurance fees and litigation.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), some facilities have been punished with more than $ 500K USD for not being in compliance with electrical safety regulations.


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