EN ISO 15614

EN 15614 Protective clothes firefighters

Protective clothing for firefighters. Laboratory test methods and feature requirements for forest clothing

EN ISO 15614 – This standard specifies the test methods and minimum feature requirements for protective clothing designed to protect the body of the wearer, except for the head, hands and feet, when worn for forest firefighting and associated activities.



ISO 15025

Protective clothing – Protection against flames – Method of test for limited flame spread.

A1 or A2

ISO 6942

Protective clothing — Protection against heat and fire – Method of test: Evaluation of materials and material assemblies when exposed to a source of radiant heat.

RHTI 24 ≥ 11 s 
RHTI 24 – RHTI 12 ≥ 4 s

ISO 17493

Clothing and equipment for protection against heat – Test method for convective heat resistance using a hot air circulating oven.

180ºC ( 260ºC optional)

ISO 13934-1

Textiles – Tensile properties of fabrics – Part 1: Determination of maximum force and elongation of maximum force using the strip method.

≥ 450 N

ISO 13935-2

Seam resistance – Main seam resistance: the material or the exterior garment of the set must show a resistance of at least 225 N.

≥ 225 N

EN 31092

Thermal resistance: the material or a set of materials must show medium thermal resistance of ≤ 0.055 m² K/W; Water vapour resistance: the material or set of materials must show medium resistance to waster vapour ≤ 10 m² Pa/W.

Rct ≤ 0.055 m² K/W
Ret ≤ 10 m² Pa/W

ISO 13688

Garment labelling pictogram.

flame retardant protective fabric Marina Textil
A1 and/or A2

EN 25077

Determination of dimensional variations upon home washing and drying (3% maximum for woven and 5% maximum for knitted).

< 3% woven fabric
< 5% knit fabric

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